Blik Calendar Widget Help

Problems with the Blik Pro License Key.


The Blik Calendar Widget will automatically recognize that the Blik Pro License Key is installed on your phone and enable all of the Pro features. If you are having problems with the Pro Features not being enabled, please read through this information which can help you resolve the problem.

TRY THIS FIRST. The Blik Calendar Widget will occassionally contact the Google Play Store to make sure that the Pro License Key is authorized. If your device isn't able to contact the Play Store for a long time, it can then disable the Pro Features until it can contact it again. There is also a known issue where sometimes the Pro Features get disabled just after midnight. This can be fixed pretty easily. Just tap on the Blik widget, then tap on the refresh button (for the month layout, just tap on the refresh button at the bottom). Make sure your device can contact your carrier or is connected to wifi. You may have to tap on the Refresh button a few times, but it the Pro Features should be come enabled within a few minutes.

If you've just purchased the Pro License Key, make sure that Google was able to process your credit card. If there was a problem with your credit card information, Google Checkout will send you an email. Run the Gmail app on your phone to see if there is an email from Google. If there is a problem with your information, you will need to fix it before the order can go through. You may need to cancel the original order and create a new order after fixing your credit card information.

Your purchases are tied to your gmail account. If you get a new phone or have to reset your existing phone, make sure to use the same gmail account. If you use a new gmail account, you will most likely have to repurchase all of the apps that you want on your new/reset phone. If you set up a phone with your gmail account and you install the Blik Calendar Widget without the Pro License Key installed, it will tell you that you need to purchase the License Key. Just tap the button to get to the Play Store where you'll be able to download it without having to repurchase it (the Play Store will have an Install button instead of a Purchase button).

Finally, if you downloaded the Blik Calendar Widget and Blik Pro License Key from a location other than the Android Play Store or from a Sprint ID packk, you have an unauthorized versioncan even contain malicious codee. To fix this problem, you will need to uninstall both the Blik Calendar Widget and the Blik Pro License Key from your phone and then install them from the Android Play Store to get the authorized versions.

Sometimes the Google Play Store can get hung up for a while when doing a download. Sometimes cancelling the download and restarting it will fix the problem. Don't worry about getting charged again. If you've successfully been charged for an app, you'll always be able to download it again even if you uninstall it.

See the Google Play Store help page for more instructions.

If the Google Play Store doesn't support paid applications in your country, then the Blik Pro License Key will not show up in the Market application. Keep checking back as Google is working hard to add more countries to the list.

The Blik Pro License Key is only available through the Google Play Store, which only accepts payment with credit or debit cards. For some cell phone providers, the Google Play Store is able to use carrier billing which will just add any charges to your cell phone bill. If youíre concerned about not having your credit card number on your phone, your number isnít actually stored there. Google Checkout stores your card number which isnít on your phone. You can access your Google Checkout information from where you can add and remove your credit card information.